Hamilton March believes that the energy sector is now maturing into a landscape of secure returns on capital for traditional investors seeking regular returns.

The demise of the government’s incentive-based investments, means that appropriate technology supported with quality installation in a robust
contract structure provides value to the market and the maturing industry.

Importantly, Hamilton March’s clear understanding of the investment criteria can provide the capability required to optimise the efficiencies of
the asset, this is complimentary to the work carried out by the technical teams in the R&D business.


Batteries are providing resilience support to National Grid and the district network operators when the grid demand is fluctuating through peaks and troughs of demand and generation.

This is particularly acute during the transition from traditional power function to renewable sources.

Hamilton March have established an aggregated group of smaller battery sites to combine resilience and provide support power to digital and
power driven operations, which have critical supply requirements, such as, mobile telephone, mini data centres and EV chargers.

Gas Peaking

Gas peaking is a key part of National Grid’s strategic infrastructure. Hamilton March invested in the development of a turnkey investment model.

Hamilton March has now established IBG, a strategic JV with Rampart Capital to develop 300MW of gas peaking. 

Private Equity

Hamilton March is a private investment firm focused on Infrastructure and Energy investments.
We leverage our formative experience as operators to build and support the platforms underpinning the delivery of next generation technology.

Research and Development and proven technology to optimize value.

Land Use
Research and Development and proven technology to iptimise value.

Investment Principles
Research and Development and proven technology to iptimise value.