Hamilton March launched as an independent private  equity business in 2015, which now is focused on  infrastructure and energy investment.

The business has continued to support the development of opportunities, which in the initial stages of development struggle to  achieve capital from mainstream sources.

Investment Principles – Technology – Land Use

Using appropriate legal and commercial diligence with investment into novel R&D with proven technology to optimise investment and land use.

Wind Turbine Development

Hamilton March have capital to deploy into turbine projects, which are no longer suitable for traditional development/construction funding sources.

Hamilton March have an audited delivery process with an EPC who conducts all the work within the approved audit structure to unlock the undeveloped asset potential.


Hamilton March has invested into the preliminary stages of research into the establishment of EV charging sites with key counter-parties within the estate it is building other energy assets for commencement in 2021.

Digital Infrastructure

Hamilton March has commenced discussions to provide investment sites to house local digital infrastructure to meet the changing need of the commercial demographic on cloud storage.

It is anticpated this investment will mature in 2022.


With the UK population set to grow substantially the government will have no option but to deliver more housing.

Hamilton March are developing a rounded approach to land use optimisation with the integration of the technical and financial experience in the team.  

Hamilton March see this as an opportunity to deliver a uniquely designed and affordable unit to meet elements of the property crisis.

Drone AV and CGI

Using the latest in aerial video using drone technology combined with cutting edge CGI and 3D renders we can create bespoke video footage to visualise anything from a wind turbine to flood planning and disaster relief. 

Utilised to audit performance targets on site remotely.

Dynamic ePower

Dynamic Power is focused on the delivery of a series of energy assets, which it developed to be key parts of the UK infrastructure.
The business has consistently searched for ground breaking technology to meet the changing needs of the sector.

Private Equity

Hamilton March is a private investment firm focused on Infrastructure and Energy investments.
We leverage our formative experience as operators to build and support the platforms underpinning the delivery of next generation technology.

Research and Development and proven technology to optimize value.

Land Use
Research and Development and proven technology to iptimise value.

Investment Principles
Research and Development and proven technology to iptimise value.