Hamilton March recognise the crisis looming in the residential home sector. The constraints are largely down to two key areas: planning and finance.

The complexity of the planning process and the restraints of local authorities to sanction planning have been  cited at UK government level as the two main reasons for the failure to build sufficient residential housing in recent times.  Moreover, the lack of mainstream finance to build private and social housing has evidently been a contributory factor.

Whilst private sector supply has been fairly consistent over the last 50 years, population growth and demographic changes have increased the demand for homes.

The UK Government recognises that they will need to boost funding for affordable housing if supply is set to increase, whilst embracing more imaginative solutions around the re-use of buildings and development types. Institutional investors are now deploying to this area with large capital allocation for Public Rental Schemes (PRS).

The skills of Hamilton March’s partners, both in energy and in property, are ideally placed to support the prospect of successful capital deployment into a secure asset class.

Private Equity

Hamilton March is a private investment firm focused on Infrastructure and Energy investments.
We leverage our formative experience as operators to build and support the platforms underpinning the delivery of next generation technology.

Research and Development and proven technology to optimize value.

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Research and Development and proven technology to iptimise value.

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Research and Development and proven technology to iptimise value.