Research & Development

The current R&D work will support this work stream to deliver a sustainable and rounded community benefits project, combining power optimisation, food chain benefits, EV chargers and digital services.

It is clear that the UK has a great deal of innovative and intelligent engineers and technologists who can develop solutions to assist the evolution of clean tec and renewable energy.

Hamilton March recognised in 2015 that much of transition of this technology and expertise is hindered by bureaucracy and red tape to actually find a commercial enterprise prepared to spend time, let alone, invest capital to incubate and test these products and concepts.


Power curve efficiency of wind turbines and storage of power in batteries with software to optimise with AI to support grid resilience is valuable
for optimising carbon capture and waste mitigation. The team have commenced work to define this.

Future Projects

Conversion of fuel gases to agricultural food stock
Objective: removal of CO2 re-use of waste for world poverty program.

Modular Hybrid

In 2017 Hamilton March invested in the development of a product to support the frequency response challenges of National Grid in conjunction with Electricity North West Ltd. The product was taken through concept, bench testing and Phase 1 prototype to then be connected and tested in live market.

The Grid Response Module® (“GRM”) was a combination of  batteries, a biofuel generator and software to operate into grid to mitigate voltage swing and market connection in under two seconds, but operate for as long as National Grid demand was under supplied or over supplied.

Industrial Scale Lab

In 2015 Hamilton March commenced a JV project to build an industrial scale plant in Derbyshire, England.

It was recognised that the value of the desk top and bench testing in the universities could not be advanced significantly to allow the modelling and operational data to be purified.

The bench testing phase completed in 2019 and the plant is now commencing a series of tests in collaboration with two international recognised universities:

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
Queen’s University, Belfas

Private Equity

Hamilton March is a private investment firm focused on Infrastructure and Energy investments.
We leverage our formative experience as operators to build and support the platforms underpinning the delivery of next generation technology.

Research and Development and proven technology to optimize value.

Land Use
Research and Development and proven technology to iptimise value.

Investment Principles
Research and Development and proven technology to iptimise value.